Lumbee History class 2013

[complete student bios are coming soon!]

History Through Genealogy

A.C. Locklear

Brandon Prickett

Emily Rojas

Sandy Aman Williams

Homeland in the 18th Century

Sam Carpenter

David Galindo

June Lee

Matt Puzin

Lean a Little Closer

Alexis Dawkins

Zehan Duan

I am currently a sophomore at UNC majoring Economics and minoring Information Systems. I was born in China and moved to Wilmington, North Carolina about 6 years ago. I barely had any knowledge about Indians before or even after I moved to USA. Taking this course has really helped me learning and breaking the stereotypes about the Indians. I really enjoyed this class!

Sharon House

“Born & Raised” just outside of Chapel Hill. Retired from UNC-CH in 2011, 27 of those years at School of Dentistry. In 2007 I began with zero credits, my long delayed pursuit of a BA from UNC, taking college transfer program at community college. I finally sat in my first class as a student at UNC in Jan 2010, finishing now May 2013 with a BA in Geography of Human Activity. I have two adult children who graduated from ECU & ASU, and my supportive husband (of 35 yrs) and I babysit our grandson (23 mo) during the week. Not sure what is next; I hope to travel some but also do some “good work” for this world.

Lee Lee Lyon

I am originally from Raleigh North Carolina. I am graduating this May with a degree in Public Policy and Entrepreneurship. I spent a semester studying in Washington DC so I am considering moving back there to work after graduation. This was my first course on Lumbee History, and actually my first history class during my entire time at UNC. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with how interesting the course was and how knowledgeable Professor Lowery was.

Native Music and Identity

Sarah Barger

Erica Bryant

Justin Ellis

Rachel Holtzman

Matt Payne

Networking Lumbee History

Sarah Efird

Amber Giffin

I am a senior American Indian Studies major and History minor. After graduation, I am moving to Boston to work in education.

Edward Hedrick

My name is Edward L. Hedrick and I am of the class of 2014. I am from Taylorsville, NC.  I am majoring in Economics and Public Policy and hope to serve the public as a capital litigation and criminal defense attorney after law school.

Photos of Place

Kemji Nwosu

Ben Olderman

Kenille Sumler

Inna Zhuravleva

UNC-Pembroke Yearbooks

Harley Locklear

Ceira McKoy

Brooke Parker

Julia Wall



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