Unidentified Photos of Place

We have been unable to identify the locations of these buildings. Can you help? Please make your comments below. Thank you!

Residential Photographs by Inna Zhuravleva

The author, Elmer W. Hunt, being Lumbee himself, must have seen value in documenting residential housing in Robeson County through the use of photography. Each of these individual houses and surrounding areas must have evoked in him a sense of the familiar, and the valuable in his hometown. Some of the people in these photos may have been people he knew; some of the buildings may have belonged to people he knew. Perhaps he liked the architecture of some of the houses; perhaps he saw an impending change coming through his neighborhoods. Some of the buildings seem newly built, others appear to be antiquated. Perhaps this is why he chose to document what his eyes beheld in the specific moments he snapped these shots, as to keep them alive on film, regardless of whether or not they would physically stand in the future.

Public Places and Businesses by Kenille Sumler and Kemji Nwosu


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